1stFlip.com Updates 1stFlip Flipbook Creator Pro for Mac To Include Batch Convert Option

“Flipbook Batch Converter”
1stFlip Flipbook Creator Pro for Mac has been enhanced with a new batch convert option.

1stFlip Flipbook Creator Pro for Mac from 1stFlip.com has been enhanced with batch convert feature to save time for users. The new feature allows users to easily convert multiple PDF files to page-flipping books at the click of a button, instead of doing it one by one.

Batch Converter is the best choice when users have a bunch of PDF files that all need to be shared at the same settings, perhaps for a website, bookshelf, or a corporate marketing campaign.

More than that, users can also customize each flipbook directly in Advanced Batch Converter, to produce a variety of effects (import bookmarks, links, select template and add languages for flipbooks, customize flipbook name and title, etc.). The Flipbook Batch Converter supports 4 flipbook formats to which users can convert: html, zip, app and exe. Users can convert all PDF files to the same flipbook format or to different formats.

Online flipbooks is becoming increasingly essential in today’s digital publication world, and 1stFlip Flipbook Creator Pro for Mac undoubtedly provides the powerful and cheap option to carry out the task. Paid users of 1stFlip Flipbook Creator Pro for Mac are welcomed to get the update free of charge. Paid users of 1stFlip Flipbook Creator for Mac can upgrade to the Pro version by only paying the price difference.

People who want to test it can download the free 15-day trial version here: http://www.1stflip.com/download.html

For more information, please visit: http://www.1stflip.com/flipbook-creator-pro-mac/

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