Ecigaretteopedia Launches New Encyclopedia Of E Cigarette Brands With Detailed Ecigarette Public Reviews

Ecigaretteopedia has created a brand new encyclopedia covering all the information available in the world of E Cigarettes, including information on use, brands and more.

E-cigarettes are quickly becoming an international phenomenon, as they become increasingly popular among individuals looking for an alternative to smoking. The E-Cigarette is a vaporizer that uses a water-based agent to deliver nicotine and flavors to the user, instead of combustible elements that generate tar and other damaging emissions. Because of their popularity, many more people are looking to find out more from an independent, unbiased source. Ecigaretteopedia is a new website created to be that source, and has just launched in order to provide the best and most independent information on e cigarette brands and usage.

The online encyclopedia has a huge range of editorials on e-cigarettes and the practice of ‘vaping’, including information on the potential hazards and side effects, as well as the known benefits over cigarettes. The site also has comprehensive reviews of e-cigarettes, e-liquids, starter kits and even advanced vaping mods that allow people to customize their experience to a greater extent than ever before.

In addition, the site keeps a close accounting of brands that are producing within the industry, and rates them according a huge number of variables, summarized in their publicly published review of each brand. These brands are also ranked to ensure that people understand their relative standing. 

A spokesperson for Ecigaretteopedia explained, “We have just launched, and although we have a great deal of content on the site, this is just the beginning. We have been working for months to try and build the ultimate resource, but this is a fast changing industry and we now have the new challenge of keeping up to speed with the many new developments these brands will throw at us. We are looking forward to doing that work, so people can continue to trust us to have all the information they need on e-cigarettes, vaporizers and their associated accessories and practices.”

About Ecigaretteopedia:

Ecigaretteopedia is a comprehensive new electronic review site designed to give consumers accurate and thorough information on E-Cigarettes, enabling them to have the best, latest and most insightful information before making a purchase. The encyclopedia is regularly updated by a committed team of editors welcoming contributions from users.

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