Big Data Encourages Consumer Data Empowerment — a DataFactZ Survey

Detroit, Michigan – 27 July, 2015 – A survey conducted by the bigdata business analysis of DataFactZ Corp. proclaims that the privacy is at high-end risk in the digital world. The cynicism of the common people is on the highest peak. Although with dark lines of privacy being at the edge there are shining armours in the hands of big data through the empowerment of consumer data.

With the increase in the use of UBI, the user based insurance programs point us to the facts the customers are now more open in trading personal information through the use of the transparentmarket. There are quite a few organisations who are garnering huge profits through the process of treating each customeras the owners of their data. This process is makingthe data more convincing and reachable and stands a better chance than the other competitors in the market. According to the survey conducted by the BI analysis of DataFactZ Corp, more than half the population in America, a large portion of the European nation and also in Australia are interested to share their personal data with the vendors in lieu of loyalty programs, services and incentive schemes. In a recent conference of Strata and Hadoop in California, few notable dignitaries were of the view that the modern culture of life will transform into life feed as it flows in Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google.

The senior BI head of DataFactZ said: “The fight of the next decade concerning modern culture will rely more on moral issues and conflicts. It will largely base on who has more life facts about oneself than the other.” He further said, “It will be more or less a digital platform that will decide its callsin close compounds.” The report further highlights that the market should be made engaging which should drive the business as well as consumers to contribute to the development and growth of financial returns.

Personal Health tracking more than one tenth of the Americans are inclined toward monitoring tracking their health through the gadget and technological mediums for themselves andothers. Out of that one-third also prefer sharing it in the digital world. Survey reports say that the approach of health monitoring has started putting indefinite questions in doctor’s mind. Even the regular health check-ups and hospital visits have reduced to a considerable level. Insurance companies are getting benefited hugely with the help of Bigdata integration. Insurers can ably utilize the advancement of analytic technologies to make a significant note of market data availability which results in a competitive edge.

Big data is increasing and spreading its wings in a large way. The buyers and consumers as well business are benefiting from it. New avenues are opening each and every day. To know more about Bigdata news, Big data developments and BI related information visit the site on to get detailed news.

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