Short Satire Film “KNOCKOUT MOUSE” is now on Kickstarter

A pharmaceutical rep with a secret is offered to host his own public access show.  All he needs now is a knockout mouse.

Jon Huggins and Maddie Peterson are proud to present their Kickstarter campaign for the short film – ‘‘Knockout Mouse’’.

The campaign has a little over a week to go and thanks to 29 reward worthy backers, we’ve reached almost 40% of our 6,500.00 goal!  Help us tell this crazy story, shot on location in New York City, and get rewards.  Like a T-shirt. Or a coffee table book. OR your very own prescription for our “drug”, Laminafensine!

After an incident occurs at a struggling public access television studio, the station’s chief executive, Hines, must replace her number one show.  She discovers Cab, a pharmaceutical rep with a flair for showmanship who is pushing a “certifiable” weight-loss pill.  Cab, in turn, produces his very own “knockout mouse”, Chuck, an overweight employee of a hotel restaurant.  Knockout Mouse address corruption within the pharmaceutical and media industries.  Through the eyes of  Cab, we unveil the lengths a person will go to succumb to the ideal body image.

With this satire we have set out to raise questions concerning, body image, social pressure, and pharmaceutical/media corruption. Also ego.  Let’s not forget that little piece of dramatic fuel.  If you’re a fan of Tom Waits, ‘Network’ or ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, the tone aspires to own just that.

Jon Huggins – Writer, Director, Producer, Actor

Jon is an actor, writer and carpenter living in New York City.  This will be his directorial debut.  his background includes work within multiple art departments on a professional level for the past decade, beginning as a set decorator and working his way up through the ranks as an art director/production designer.  His storytelling operates from a foundation of tone and feeling, with a penchant for the absurd.  He likes Tom Waits.  Also ask him about the time he was a space monkey for NASA.

‘Knockout Mouse’ begins production July 30th, 2015.  Follow us on social media or donate for on set updates! The campaign ends on August 3rd.

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Article with our Producer/ Costume Designer, Maddie Peterson, in the Chicago Tribune. – Click Here

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