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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – The free Auto Insurance Saver rate quote comparison tool from DavidOsler.com is helping Florida drivers easily compare car insurance rates and policies and in the process often helps find significant savings on auto insurance. The free service from DavidOsler.com is a consumer friendly easy-to-use automated rate-quote shopping tool available in most every state in the United States including Florida.

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Compared to the rest of the nation, Florida car insurance currently enjoys the least amount of requirements. To register a car in Florida vehicle owners are required to have a $10,000 insurance policy for property damage liability. In addition, required is at least $10,000 in PIP, or personal injury protection. Although the State of Florida doesn’t require bodily injury liability coverage, many insurance companies do on auto policies.

The state of Florida is a no-fault car insurance state. Personal injury protection will cover the injury treatments that are incurred, or at least up until the limit is met. It doesn’t matter which driver caused the accident. Should bills go over that limit, the person at-fault will be responsible unless they have bodily injury liability coverage. Keep in mind that even though the state doesn’t require these things individuals to register a car, the Florida Financial Responsibility Law could require vehicle owners to acquire it after a serious violation or accident.

Regarding Florida’s uninsured motorist penalties indicates a $30 fine may be issued, as well as a suspended license and plates surrendered for person’s found to be operating a vehicle without auto insurance. An SR-22 form may also be required to be filled out. A $150 fee will have to be paid to get the plates and license returned and reinstated.

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