Airwheel Self-balancing Electric battery operated unicycle Change Is Everywhere

Nowadays, many people have changed their ways of life. Instead of driving and taking public vehicles, they prefer cycling. To meet citizens’ needs, Airwheel has changed itself as well. It rolled out two new models: S5 and A3 in Jul, 2015.

At present, with the development of economic society and deterioration of environment, many people have changed their ways of life. Instead of driving and taking public vehicles, they choose to go out by cycling. To meet citizens’ needs, Airwheel has change itself as well. The two brand new models: S5 and A3 were launched in Jul, 2015.

Since environment deterioration and resource abuse have caught wide attention from the society, many people change their vehicles. But sometimes walk and biking are so tiring for them. At this time, Airwheel provide citizens another green way of travel. Someone said that Airwheel self-balancing electric scooters can be only used in short-distance trip on flat roads. It is not true. With the launch of two new products, Airwheel can satisfy more requirements of citizens. 

As a new 2-wheeled electric scooter, Airwheel S5 integrates the most powerful performance of S3. Firstly, S5 appeared much rougher than any other models. It is equipped with two larger wheel hubs, whose size is 16 inch. Secondly, the maximum peak of Airwheel S5’s motor is 1500W, and its output power is the biggest among all. The powerful motivator makes S5 easily climb hills, just like riding on flat roads. The battery capacity of Airwheel S5 is up to 680Wh. And it brings S5 longer range than before.

As a sitting-posture self-balancing scooter, Airwheel A3 brings riders easier experiences on the road. Apart from the sitting design, some pioneering elements are added to A3: electronic brake system, hydraulic suspension and automatic turning induction. With the help of these advanced technologies, people’s riding on A3 will be safer and more comfortable. Moreover, Airwheel has developed an App for A3. Airwheel self-balancing scooter A3 can be connected to smart phones by the APP. 

Change is everywhere. Citizens have changed to be more eco-friendly. Many hi-tech products make people’s life easier and greener. So is Airwheel. Airwheel is continuously updating the advanced electric scooters with the development of society.

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