Create, Automate, Accelerate Book Launch — Leon Jay’s Latest Book Launches Today

Successful entrepreneur Leon Jay’s latest work has officially hit Amazon’s shelves ( Create, Automate, Accelerate is an ideal read for entrepreneurs, business owners and those who are interested in turning their dreams into reality. In short, Create, Automate, Accelerate takes a provocative look at what it takes to create a successful business. The book uses a framework that Jay created, known as the 5 Ps of Priority, to help readers find their way.

Jay’s 5 Ps of Priority are: Purpose, Passion, People, Place and Profit. In the book, Jay discusses many important issues in a way that makes it easy for the reader to begin applying the teachings right away. The book educates its readers on the importance of asking the right questions and getting those questions answered in the right order, along with numerous ways to do so.

There has been a lot of excitement leading up to the launch, with the release of resources such as videos, articles and quotes being shared on a regular basis through the book’s website ( and Facebook page ( Excited readers have already been able to apply Jay’s lessons and enter for a chance to win prizes of up to $4,500 in value through the website’s exclusive competition, which is valid for another two weeks.

When asked to describe his book, Jay stated that it is “a book to help the reader find the deeper meaning for their life through their business. It helps to do so through combining philosophy, simple models and frameworks as well as real life examples.”

Praise for Jay’s latest work includes business owner Zach Grove’s statement — “Jay’s book will challenge you and force you to define your endgame in business. It’s Thiel’s ‘Zero To One’ meets Kahneman’s ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’. This one just might save you a decade in your career. Highly recommended.”

Leon Jay is an international author and seminar speaker on the topic of online business. He is the marketing mind and 50% partner in a software and training program launch that generated $1.4 million in 10 days. He has consulted and partnered on various other 6 and 7 figure launches, is founder of and, co-founder of and Coffee Monster, a café and co-working space for digital nomads in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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