Malaysian firms can now shop for CCTV Online with PasangCCTV

Servicing a variety of industries in Malaysia, PasangCCTV opens up its doors for online customers who are interested to have their own alarm system.

With the growing need for CCTV and alarm systems across Malaysia, more industries from different fields are now looking into a more convenient way of getting their own security cameras. 

With the online shopping platform provided for by PasangCCTV in Malaysia, buying CCTV cameras from a remote location is now possible. PasangCCTV was built on the premise that every company, huge or small, should have easy access to high-quality security systems when they want and where they want it. 

Through the PasangCCTV online shop, interested buyers can readily check and compare products including security cameras and alarms. All the information on the features of each product are also already accessible through the online shop at and Similarly, a business or institution can already save on canvassing cost because this can be done through the PasangCCTV website for free. 

“We save you from the hassle and extra costs of checking out actual stores only to walk out and find the need to go to another shop,” a statement from the website said. 

Aside from their high quality security cameras, the PasangCCTV website also has some basic tips and techniques on how to secure an establishment using their technology. Clients can even talk to the company’s security experts through their hotline. The company’s client-base has currently expanded to academe, government offices, and even residences. 

“Quality and service is on top of our priority. So, you can be assured that nothing is compromised just because it’s convenient,” the website states. 


PasangCCTV was established in 2004 and has since become Malaysia’s leading provider of security cameras and alarm systems. The company also runs an online shop.

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