Fyoosion Gets Home Decor Products Major, BelleMaison, Onboard Their Unique Marketing Platform

Fyoosion gets BelleMaison onboard as their newest client.

Fyoosion, the premier marketing automation service which has helped many online companies improve their campaign outcomes and sales, has announced their association with BelleMaison, their newest client onboard. BelleMaison is a premier online retailer of original and unique home decor products which are timeless and designed to add taste to interiors.

“We are happy to announce about our association with BelleMaison, the leading online retailer of premium quality interior designing products,” says the founder and CEO of Fyoosion, Abhishek Jain. “Our unique and proven technologies have been helping companies across various sectors achieve and outdo their marketing objectives with amazing ease. We hope to contribute heavily to the future gains of BelleMaison and ROI on marketing campaigns and investments.”

Many companies are turning to Fyoosion to giving more punch to their marketing campaigns because Fyoosion helps sharpen the focus on optimizing conversion rates for clients through smart analysis of data. Fyoosion is vastly different from other conventional marketing platforms because here the focus is on empowering marketers and freeing them from IT dominance and dependence.

According to Abhishek Jain, the key advantage of using Fyoosion’s marketing automation engine is that it has been shaped and developed by marketers with extensive experience in both IT and marketing. The core focus of this unique marketing automation platform is to create web channels integrated with powerful and proven technologies. Marketers can use these to maximize and optimize conversion. They can also get easy access to invaluable real-time analytics.

“Our platform is a customer acquisition and retention-centric marketing platform,” says the CEO. “Once the advertising part has been done effectively leading to a fair generation of traffic to your website, Fyoosion can take over, and change the dynamics of your business significantly.”

BelleMaison will be able to leverage the unique technologies from Fyoosion to achieve significant and measurable gains in sales as well as productivity.  Fyoosion’s marketing automation platform combines award-winning technologies with proven sales and marketing best practices to effectively address all aspects of marketing challenges successfully. BelleMaison will be able to plan and execute their aggressive growth plans effortlessly with their Fyoosion connection.

Fyoosion has been steadily expanding its global footprints in new geographies such as Poland. The company has been getting an impressive response from the European market.

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About Fyoosion:

Fyoosion is a marketing automation engine which offers a unique and innovative Marketing-as-a-Service platform based on breakthrough technology to drive up conversion rates for businesses. The engine puts marketers in complete control of their operations and assists them in implementing agile and nimble marketing strategies to maximize results. Fyoosion is headed by Abhishek Jain, an IT expert with over 20 years of experience including long years in marketing at the highest level; for over 10 years he has been a CIO in a number of venture backed start-ups. 

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