Magic Cube, the Future of Visual Entertainment Launches on Kickstarter

Healdsburg, CA – On July 21 2015, Dale Rorabaugh launched a Kickstarter campaign for Magic Cube, a magnetic floating device which rotates and suspends prism cubes and objects on prism cubes in mid-air on a levitation stand. In order to use the Magic Cube, users simply place a prism cube or an object on the prism cube on the floating magnet. As the prism cube rotates, an embedded solid-state green laser illuminates the prism cube or the objects on the prism cube that also creates a light show on the surrounding walls and ceiling.

“It commands attention and motivates fascination,” said Magic Cube Founder and Creator, Dale Rorabaugh. “It is completely mesmerizing to watch the Magic Cube levitate an object, rotate it, and illuminate with a laser. When people walk into the room and see a Magic Cube, they are instantly drawn to it.”

The purpose behind the Magic Cube is to create a unique visual presentation for an audience. Users have the option of showcasing the included prism cubes, objects, or objects on top of the prism cubes. The product developers have said that they believe the primary use of Magic Cube will be to showcase and levitate collectible items, memorabilia, and jewelry that weigh up to 300 grams. The Magic Cube stand is an ideal size for a table centerpiece or desk accessory. 

The Magic Cube prototype was designed by Dale Rorabaugh, Founder and CEO of Cool Invent LLC, a company based in Northern California.  As an Optometrist, he has over 30 years of experience in working and prescribing prisms for strabismus, fixation disparity, phorias, etc. As an industrial designer he has designed, patented and built several instruments that utilize lasers, LEDs and optics. Once the goal of the Kickstarter campaign is met, the Magic Cube team hopes to release the official device in October 2015.

“Right now, we believe the Magic Cube is set to become the next classic conversation piece.”

The team has recently turned to the Kickstarter community to help offset some of the costs associated with producing and developing the Magic Cube. In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including one 2.54 cm/1 inch Prism Cube for $18, one Magic Cube system for the special Kickstarter price of $245 (with limited early bird rewards available), and more!

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below. 

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