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In 3 Days Get a Denver Pallet or Crate ISPM15 Export Certified
With 50 years of experience, Denver Reel and Pallet has successfully service local and national industries by manufacturing high quality storage and transportation wooden products.

Denver, Colorado – July 29, 2015 – Located in Denver Colorado, Denver Reel & Pallet has 50 years of experience in industrial wood products such as pallets and crates. With a strong network of companies and individuals always looking for affordable and secure methods to ship materials and products, this company offers the best possible solutions there are.

For all shipping and storage needs, this Denver based company has developed an equally strong supplier relationship that helps manufacturer and supply the best wooden products in the market. Working on the foundation of their experience, with a guarantee of high quality and fair pricing, the company has built its reputation in the industry by sticking to their commitments and making all deliveries on time.

Right from the design stage to the planning, production, delivery and the ensuring of consumer satisfaction, the experts at the company play a proactive role in making sure that only the best practices are employed all along.

Their quality and commitment to satisfy is best attested by the Packaging Research Laboratory certification. In addition to this, the company has consistently passed with flying colours in every National Plant Inspection by the American Lumber Standard Committee.

The custom wooden crates offered by Denver Reel and Pallet are ideal for a variety of industrial users. “Our wooden crates are manufactured within three days and easily customized to your requirements. Furthermore, we do not expect any minimum order, hereby allowing businesses of all sizes to feel comfortable getting in touch with us,” says the Production Head at the company.

The plywood used as raw material is kiln dried, ISPM export certified. Customers are also able to choose from a variety of option such as metal corner protectors, shock sensors, casters and foam cushions depending on the material they intend to store or transport using the crates.

Some of the biggest clients of this business belong to the shipping industry and it is known that the crates manufactured here have been able to transport everything from television sets to furniture items, motor cycles, fine art and even tradeshow items.

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Denver Reel and Pallet is a leading industrial wood product manufacturing company with 50 years of experience. To know more, visit http://www.denverreelandpallet.com/

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