WeeTect Is Growing To Be The Best Safety Face Shield Supplier In China

WeeTect, a leading supplier of safety face shield, today unveiled corporate expansion plans.  This comes three days after the company released their financial results for the fiscal year 2015 (third quarter). The company doubled its sales in face protection devices compared to the total sales during their second quarter financial results. This growth has been fueled by the stringent safety standards that have been set by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS).

WeeTect is a high-tech company that is dedicated to researching and developing the perfect solution to eye and face protection to support companies whose goals are to prevent harm to people. It is committed to delivering world-class quality with consistent performance at a competitive price.

In 2009, WeeTect Material Limited was established. It is the joint venture of WS plastic lens and FH coating. Amazingly, the turnover grew up to $10 million in a short period of time. WeeTect also manufactured and supplied helmet visors. WeeTect helmet visor is a custom injection molding visor optical class 1 with anti-fog coating, hard coating and color mirror coat which comply with CE and ASTM standard. It includes motorcycle visor, hockey visor, full face respirator visor, football visor, paintball mask, pilot visor and more.

In 2014, WeeTect Material Limited decided to be a solution provider of eye and face protection products. It expanded to provide total solution of eye and face protection. WeeTect face shield is an injection molding visor optical class 1 or UV resistant polycarbonate sheet with anti-fog coating, hard coating and color mirror coat which is compliant with CE and ASTM standards. The categories of its face shields include;

  • Safety face shield
  • Grinding face shield
  • Chemical face shield
  • Hard hat face shield
  • UV face shield
  • Tinted face shield
  • Anti-fog face shield
  • Sanitary mask (with anti-bacteria performance)
  • Ballistic face shield
  • Riot face shield
  • Medical face shield
  • Bionic  face shield

WeeTect is slowly starting to receive global recognition for its remarkable and unique designs. It can customize face shield into unique design according to the customer’s needs. It’s their intention to ensure that there is enhanced safety be it in a garage, hospital, construction site, etc. WeeTect cares about their customer’s safety and wellbeing.

As Compared to other top brand suppliers of face shields in the world, WeeTect has managed to produce and supply safety face shields that have the following properties

• Complaint with ANSI Z87.1, EN166 and EN170

• Superior fog-free feature

• UV resistant as an option

• More competitive price

• Comfortable fit

• Better optical clarity

• Impact resistance

• Lower distortion

WeeTect also conforms to the newly amended Safe Production Law which came into effect as from December 1, 2014, which elaborated management personnel’s administration responsibilities towards safe production. The law also increased penalties on violations of the law.

Future of WeeTect

WeeTect is still growing and will continue to spread its wings and support business and solve problems at reasonable costs not only in China, but also in the global markets.

Apart from being the best supplier of safety face shields, WeeTect also supplies other products which are related to eye and face protection that include the following; helmet visor, autodarkening welding helmet, welding lens cover, plastic mirror, window tinting film, anti-fog and anti-scratch polycarbonate sheets, goggles and more.

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