Worry About Hackers? InboxCyberSecurity offers one-stop solution, information and ideas for cyber security troubles. Learn about Next Generation Attacks

With increasing connectivity and dependence on the internet, the rates of cyber crimes have also increased considerably in the past few years. These cyber crimes are no longer carried out by amateur hackers and mischievous teenagers but through large groups of trained professionals, hackers and even terrorist groups. InboxCyberSecurity is a membership technology based with access to current and Next Generation technology which understands the changing ways of cyber crime and helps prevent home consumers and small businesses from it.

The monthly newsletter by InboxCyberSecurity offers cyber security information, ideas, issues and solutions for preventing cyber attacks. It consists of the latest news related to internet security and information about recent developments and findings in cyber security world along with providing the technical information, tools and case studies related to security. The password protected membership area also provides the cyber security awareness training material and a step by step guide and action plan which the small businesses can use to maintain cyber security. For the gold and platinum members it also provides an additional vulnerability and web security scan software. InboxCyberSecurity acts as an extension to the IT department of a company providing the relevant information, tools and resources which can help prevent any cyber attacks and with a nominal fee charged annually, it saves the cost of hiring a security expert as well.

The aim of the company is to expand their cyber security solution to all the professionals, small businesses and home based users who are affected by or vulnerable to the cynical professionals and hackers who have more knowledge and experience than an average IT professional to defend those against them. They have taken into account all the customer feedback and comments and worked their best to enhance InboxCyberSecurity for it to be more useful.

The company charges $395.00 per year for Professional Membership,$595.00 per year for Gold Membership and for Premium Membership it $1,395 per years, these discounted charges which is nominal considering the repercussions of the damage caused by a cyber attackon business or home computer.

InboxCyberSecurity is planning to expand their technical staff and implementing the prototypes developed which will incur a lot of cost. The amount raised from the crowdfunding campaign will be utilized to build their working prototype of their Awareness-Ideas-Solutions Program then test the same plus speed up the delivering of this information technology into the inbox of the users. The amount will also help them to accelerate their business and utilize the cost in case of any cyber attack and to add more features and vulnerability tools and software into the platform. This is a powerful technology based password-protected membership which can be utilized to defend against the cyber attacks which are affecting millions of people and businesses across the world.

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