St. Mary’s Nursing Home Provides Premium Elderly Care

With the increasing demand of a nursing home in Malaysia, it is also becoming a challenge for families to find the right facility for their elderly loved ones. The quality of a nursing home is crucial in making the daily experiences of the elders a pleasant one.

With comfort and happiness at the top of the values of St. Mary’s, the facility has evolved into one of the premier nursing home in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya Malaysia. The nursing home provides 24/7 care and attention to the elderly that may not be already available in their respective homes.

To ensure its optimum service, St. Mary’s Nursing Home is being ran by no less than licensed physicians, physical therapists, and nurses. This way, every individual needs of the elderly is being attended to with professionalism and care. Apart from ensuring their health status, St. Mary’s Nursing Home is also positioning itself to be the second residence of its patients.

“Although our primary concern is the health of our patients, we also do not forget to treat them like family. These elders have their own families back home, so we want to constantly bring that sense of family closer to them while they are in our nursing home,” one of the staff nurse in St. Mary’s said.

More than the physical state, St. Mary’s Nursing home is also working on providing psychological wellness to the seniors. The concept behind the facility was founded by Mdm.Sonia Jagit, who is a mother herself. Along with her nursing and motherhood experience, Madame Sonia has envisioned the great need for a nursing home for the aging population in Malaysia.

This is mainly attributed to the changing working environments in the country, where majority of the family members are constantly out to earn a living. As a result, the seniors are left uncared for. It is this trend that primarily gave birth to St. Mary’s Nursing Home. Apart from providing nursing care services, St. Mary’s also offers short-term rehabilitative care, private nursing, and day care.


St. Mary’s Nursing Home was founded 30 years ago in Malaysia. The nursing home facility is spread across Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya to cater to the needs of the elderly. All of their services and history can be seen at


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