OrganIQ Food Offers A Powerful Nutrient Mixture that Improves Physiological Function

It is all too common for people to sacrifice healthy, nutritious meals when they are busy. Inevitably, this will lead to systemic problems like obesity, diabetes or other debilitating illnesses. A new high nutrient, organic food called OrganIQ has been formulated to provide the essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and natural carbohydrates necessary to maintain optimal health. OrganIQ Food offers Eatellience in a glass and helps prepare people on the go for a full day of physical and mental activity.

OrganIQ Food was designed and tested by some of the leading food experts of Croatia. They drew on the centuries old knowledge of Chinese medicine as well as the latest health data to create OrganIQ which is the perfect blend of grains, legumes, carob, oil seeds, cocoa and aromatic herbs. When combined with milk, yogurt or water, OrganIQ produces a delectable snack that health enthusiasts can enjoy whenever they like, although it is recommended that OrganIQ is consumed twice a day for optimal results. Each serving is only 98 calories, making it perfect for those on a diet, and aids in maintaining gastrointestinal balance, blood sugar and overall body health.

OrganIQ is already a popular product in Europe and has earned positive reviews from major clinical testing organizations like the Clinical Hospital Center of Dubrava, but the OrganIQ team would now like to share it with the rest of the world. OrganIQ is now available through an Indiegogo campaign which offers samples, 3-week packs, and the deluxe 3-week set with custom mad shaker & spoon.

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