Last chance! Render For Free With Rayvision & Get Upto $200 In Coupons

Rayvision offers a chance for professionals to utilize a powerful, mass storage and high-speed network that enable faster and better cloud rendering service; and gain amazing cash bonuses as high as $200.

Leading cloud rendering service provider, Rayvision, announces cash bonuses worth $20-$200 for users who utilize the Rayvision free rendering services. Each account will be granted a single chance to take part in the free rendering cash prize offer, and will be randomly selected. Winners may utilize these cash prizes, which will be deposited to their account directly, at their discretion. To take part, users can visit the website and enjoy the benefits of high speed rendering in the cloud. The contest begins on July 23, 2015 and will end on July 30, 2015.

The spokesperson from the company commented after the announcement of this unique opportunity, “It’s really a moment of pride for Rayvision to be part of the computing world, and offer our services to over 20,000 clients in 40 countries. The cloud technology offers us so much computing power. And to use cloud for rendering is the best way to capitalize on it. You no longer need to process rendering one at a time. It’s great to have the capabilities to render fast and send batch rendering into the cloud, while you can focus on other matters. Being a part of this empowering technology is fascinating; and we want our clients to feel the same! And so, it’s time to connect and give back to the very people we serve. This cash prize reward opportunity is meant to allow people to build better projects and benefit from these unique discounts,”

A typical large rendering can take as much as 10 to 14 hours. Most individuals and professionals set up for rendering before leaving and come back to it the next day. In the demanding world today, one simply does not have that kind of time to spare; and so evolved the concept of ‘cloud rendering’. This way, no longer do individuals have to wait for the ‘paint to dry’; instead they can leave rendering to the cloud for fast paced and high quality results.

Rayvision takes this to the new level, being one of the global leaders in the industry of cloud rendering; from architectural rendering, video games, animated movies, simulators, special effects to advanced design visualization, there are many applications. The process can be quite expensive. Yet Rayvision offers a free trial and a chance to win additional discounts and coupons that can be accumulated to a particular account balance.

The spokesperson further added, “We are doing this to make it better, easier and more accessible. And we encourage more people to take part in this offer, and be part of our success.”

For more information on Rayvision’s free rendering and cash prizes, visit their website.

About the Company

Rayvision Inc. is a global technology company who specializes in distributed, parallel computing and provides cloud computing services for rendering in various industries. Pioneering the world’s premier self service cloud render farm, subsidiary Renderbus and FoxRenderFarm are the largest commercial render farm in the world with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

Started since 2007, Rayvision and it’s subsidiary Renderbus and FoxRenderFarm have won unanimous praise from the entertainment industry. With professional services and industry-leading innovations, they serve leading special effects companies and animation studios from over 40 countries, including two Oscar winners. In 2015, Rayvision formed a global strategic partnership with Aliyun (the cloud computing arm of Alibaba) to provide global visual cloud computing services.

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