GenoVive Releases First Genetics-based Online Portal to Improve Patient Care

GenoVive, an innovator of personalized, genetics-based weight loss programs, has released myGenoVive, a digital e-health portal to improve outcomes and enhance provider-patient relationships. The system was developed to combine the power of genetics-driven health management with internet-based communications technology. Health care providers will have access to their patient’s genetic data as it relates to diet and physical activity, which is used to place the patient on a customized nutrition and physical activity program, as well as provide insight into unique behavioral tendencies which may affect the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.This software was developed to integrate with telemedicine softwares, so that health professionals can have audio and/or video consultations via the internet.

“This interactive system changes health care providers’ ability to monitor patients. The system’s function allows professionals to interact with their patients quickly and easily, and to change or fine tune the program they are on,” states Vic Castellon, PharmD, founder and CEO of GenoVive. 

Patients and medical providers log into a secure, HIPAA compliant system to access a report with the patient’s specific genetic profile, an interpretation of results, and an action plan based on their own, unique genetic blueprint. The report provides a prescribed calorie level, macronutrient balance and physical activity options based on more than 20 key genetic indicators.

Not only is GenoVive focused on expanding their health care integration portfolio but they are also focused on implementing the program within the Corporate Wellness arena.  

“We have a unique offering that can be unmatched by any other DNA testing company,” say Tavis Piattoly MS, RD, LDN, Director of Business Development and Corporate Outreach for GenoVive. 

“With companies looking for an answer to reduce their insurance and medical claims due to the consequences of the rise in obesity, GenoVive can help improve health outcomes by helping employees understand how their genetics informs on a customized nutrition plan to meet their individual needs,” says Piattoly.

Patients are encouraged to interact with myGenoVive just as they would a typical fitness app: enter their weight food and beverage consumption and exercise on a daily basis. The myGenoVive system can also track medications, moods, blood glucose levels and blood pressure. This gives the patient and health care provider a more complete view of the patient’s daily routine and comprehensive picture of the patient’s health. Similar to conventional diet and fitness apps, myGenoVive shows patients how their physical activity impacts their BMI and body fat percent, as well as the effects of their daily caloric intake, caloric output and macronutrient balance. The myGenoVive system brings these features together with the powerful insights revealed through analysis of the individual’s genetic blueprint to help improve patient outcomes. 

“We developed this system to improve the patient’s health care from the most basic aspect: communication and compliance. With easy access to a patient’s daily information in real time, health care professionals can modify their treatments quickly and seamlessly for their patients. This platform saves time for both health professionals and patients,” said Castellon.

What sets GenoVive apart is the integration of a personalized, genetics-based wellness program with the power of the internet to facilitate the interaction of health care professionals with their patients.

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