Author Sahara Sanders Writes Simple Things in Life in Extraordinary Manners

Many of us jot our opinions down, but describing them in an extremely interesting manner, to make them worth a readthat’s the work of a professional author.     

Writing about life experiences on various aspects and making different genres similarly beautiful can be done by only a few.

Sahara Sanders is one of those rare writers.

She started writing down her thoughts from a very early age, went on to become a successful author of many bestsellers and is making readers fall in love with her books.

Composing her first poems at the age of six, Ms. Sanders found a knack for writing stories at just ten years of age, and was promptly noticed for that talent as well. Other than being a top grade student and a gold medalist in high school, she continuously kept recording her thoughts during her school-time relationship, based on which she created the novel “A Dream of Two Moons” (Indigo Diaries, Volume 2).  

Love surely worked as an inspiration for her as she returned to writing, after high school, only when she fell in love again. The result was a collection of poems “Obsession,” which was published a few years later. 

Sahara has this wonderful ability to illustrate even normal life experiences in such an extraordinary manner that a reader can’t put her books down!  

She showcased this ability of hers in 1997, when she wrote “Gods’ Food,” an adventurous novel for teens, based on her own funny childhood memories.

Ms. Sanders resumed writing in 2013, after a long gap during which she added on a lot more knowledge and unique experiences to be shared.   

Her interests span a broad spectrumfrom psychology to modeling, traveling, writing and learning new cultures. She speaks five languages and, though English is not native to her, she worked as a narrator and is such a successful writer.

Her wide range of interests has contributed to the creation of some of the bestsellers.

Writing as a psychologist and love expert, she authored a number of books forming the series “Win the Heart of a Woman of your Dreams,” like “The Art of Seduction: Keys to Mastery,” “Romantic Activities and Surprises: 800 Dating Ideas,” etc.

Her notes as a traveler served as the basis for the collection “All around the World: A Series of Travel Guides” that includes books such as “Maldives… The  Paradise,” “In Love with Thailand,” “A Trip to Egypt,” “Authentic Tunisia,”  and so on.  

Another series, titled “Edible Excellence,” combines the author’s exclusive advice guides on dieting and also cookbooks in which she shares her personal favorite recipes discovered in the many places of the world she lived or visited. This amazing collection consists of delicious reads such as “Slim and Healthy YOU: What you Eat Is what you Are,”Five Minutes Cooking: Tasty and Healthy Meals,” “Best Recipes from Eastern Europe: Dainty Dishes, Delicious Drinks”; other volumes of this series are coming soon.   

The list goes on to include many other works in various genresnon-fiction, fiction and poemslike the “Man Logic,” “Thirteen Rules of the Blond,” “How to Look Great in Photos: Exclusive Advice for Modeling,”Kievan Rus: Ancient History and Legends,” “The Eye of Universe” (Indigo Diaries, Volume 3), etc.

Most of the above-listed books are available in English; others are undergoing translation and will be released soon. 

Sahara Sanders’ very high ratings on platforms like Amazon, Scribd, GoodReads, etc., and the warm REVIEWS she has received from readers worldwide, is an indication about the talented author she is and how well she is able to write simple things in life in uniquely beautiful ways!

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