“Corp Leagues” — An innovative & effective fusion of Gaming industry & Employee Engagement Approach

The approach of employee engagement has been vastly used by the CEOs worldwide. In the U.S alone, about $720m has been spent for the same in 2014. By using activities like sports, Employers are trying to make an enjoyable modern office environment. But they are unable to get a real time data about employees’ satisfaction & motivation level & also about whether these employee engagement activities have made an impact or was it only money wasted. To sort out this issue effectively, “Corpleagues.com” has given a new innovative platform — “Corp Leagues”, by tapping into the untapped area of unifying ever growing Gaming industry with the employee engagement approach.

The whole idea of Corp Leagues is based on the fact that the number of people playing games is incredibly high in U.S & starting an inter-company gaming league, from an employee’s perspective, will result in a greater employee engagement. Reportedly, this software works primarily as a gaming league where the employees are permitted to take part for a certain fixed time period per day. Now, earlier decline in Gamification was due to the fact that employees realized that those were just productivity tasks modified into games to trick them into doing more work. “Corp Leagues”, however, works totally from an employee’s perspective looking at the employee engagement program from their end.

This platform engages about 70% of the employees in its gaming section, thus giving them something to enjoy at work. Employees participate in these leagues; get to know each other well & thereby show an increase in co-ordination, understanding & goodwill among them. And all this starts with answering one simple question before logging into it: “Are you happy on work today?”

This is where this software helps the employers. By answering this simple question, employees participate in the league & the employers get a real time data of what percentage of their employees are actually satisfied with the work & environment. Whether the money spent on some activity for employee welfare & treating them, bore any fruits or are they still unhappy with the work. With the employee answering this question every time they log in, employer gets a real time data about their motivation level & commitment towards the company.

This software also provides features like social wall, employee recognition, meet the Team etc, so that non-gamers can also be engaged. With such huge daily employee participation, this platform can act much effectively, communicating any message rather than a company meeting or e-mail. With its effective tools, it not only helps in measuring employee engagement but also in its optimization.

Corp Leagues are launching an open Beta on September 1st, 2015.

For signing-up & more info, visit: www.corpleagues.com

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