Kickstarter Campaign launched to produce & promote a new & interestingly hilarious card game — BAD CAMPAIGN

Card games or party games have always been a fun filled way to pass some time & get entertained. In an attempt to add a new dimension to the card games, the trio of friends Dave Campbell, Walter Nies & Terrance Rumson have come up with new entertaining card game based on politics & Presidential campaigns & named it as — “Bad Campaign”. To make their project live, they have started a fundraising campaign on kickstarter for the same.

The game, reportedly, will be played like the other card games but with less stress on mind & more focus on creating hilarious situations & laughter. It actually involves the participants to play for the office of president, against each other. Just like the real presidential campaigns, the candidates in this games will also make some statements, promises & all, but the twist here is that the question cards containing these slogans, promises & statements will end with a blank & the candidates will have to fill it up with one of the many answer cards, randomly. Since the answers are random, so any phrase may end up filling the promise or the slogan and the result will turn out to be hilarious. The reader then reads the answers; votes for them & the one with highest votes win.

The game has more than 500 questions & with all the offbeat answer cards available to finish them, the game promises to be laugh riot between the friends or to be exact, the candidates running for the White House. The content has been taken from the real questions & statements & with random mix of questions and answers, the candidates will eventually end up making horrible promises, awkward statements & much more. But the best part is, the horrible you are, more are the chances of your winning. After all, it is a “Bad Campaign”.

This game is a brain-child of the trio of David, Walter & Terrance, who got the idea of this game during their session of funny discussions over the next presidential politics with friends. The game has been pay-tested to ensure that it really has something interestingly hilarious to offer. 

The game is all set & ready to print. They have hired a local fulfillment service to make sure the proper shipments of packed games, but have some financial requirements. So, in order to make this game available to the large masses, they have started a Fundraising Campaign On KickStarter.

They all are confident about being backed up by all the party/card game lovers who wants to run this “Bad Campaign” & have fun.

Media Contact
Company Name: Bad Campaign LLC
Contact Person: Dave Campbell
Country: United States