A Crowd funding Campaign for Giving A Little Dog Her Sight Back

Dogs have always been considered our best friends. Sadly there are some dog owners who do not know how to care properly for their dog.  Sophie is one such dog, she is a 5 years old Pomerania, who has suffered a wretched life in her early years. But now, luckily, she has got a new wonderful owner, Dana, who wishes to give her a life she deserves & has started a crowd funding campaign  in order to provide treatment for her cataracts.

Sophie lived for five years with some not-so-good owners. They used to tie this beautiful dog to a door knob and rarely gave her food and water. Image life tied to a door knob for a starving and thirsty Pomerania who should have been well feed and allowed to play around She was not groomed properly and as a result, she suffered from pain all over her body for a long time. To add more to her misery, she is now suffering from cataracts in both her eyes making her mostly blind.

Luckily for Sofie, she got rescued and was placed in a nice foster home with new owner, Dana who looks after her now.  She is an animal lover who always tries to help & donate for animals whenever she could. She has another dog named, Bama. Sophie & Bama are new to each other but have become the best of friends. Bama even help lead Sophie around sometimes!  Sophie has a new family now, But her cataracts restricts her from seeing this beautiful world and being able to roam around freely without getting lost or hurt.

Dana wishes to make Sophie’s life better by treating her the way she deserved & also wants to help her able to see properly. She wishes to give Sophie her sight back by providing her the treatment for her cataracts. But the treatment is going to cost more than Dana can bear alone. Dana is adamant about helping Sofie so she has started a crowd funding campaign on “gofundme”. She is hopeful that all the animal lovers out there will help out and donate what they can, even the smallest contribution will be appreciated and will help give Sofie her sight back.

For more information and please go to: http://www.gofundme.com/hmgbac

Media Contact
Company Name: Help Sofie
Contact Person: Sofie
Email: HelpSofie@gmx.com
Country: United States
Website: www.gofundme.com/hmgbac