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The free Auto Insurance Saver Rate Cost Comparison tool helps consumers throughout the USA efficiently and quickly shop for better deals and lower rates on car insurance.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ The free car insurance rate finder service is popular in Idaho from Boise to Bonners Ferry in the north to Island Park in the east and in between. The free Auto Insurance Saver service from is a car insurance shopping tool designed to save drivers across the country on insurance costs. Go here to try it The service is completely free and can be used by drivers without obligation in Idaho and throughout the USA. Auto insurance industry pros often say drivers often overpay and should re-shop their policies annually.

Idaho has medium-level limits for liability. The limits are $25,000 per driver, $50,000 per accident with injuries sustained and an additional $15,000 for damaged property. The standard of 100/300/50 is applied if you have your own family or home. Many Idaho residents enjoy spending time off-roading using vehicles like ATVs, motorbikes and other types of off-road vehicles. The regulations will change according to where drivers ride their off-road vehicle. In most cases, they will have to register your vehicle. Car insurance in Idaho, however, may not be required for off-road vehicles unless vehicle owners intend to drive those off-road vehicle on state and city roads.

Idaho vehicle owners can submit proof of insurance electronically. They can show police officers proof of car insurance via a smart phone or similar device. Still, it is best to carry paper copies of insurance information in the car or wallet.

The Idaho Department of Transportation keeps records of moving violations that occur in any of the 50 states and in Canada. Moving violation points will be the driver’s record for three years after the date of conviction.

In Idaho, car insurance companies must offer discounts to drivers 55 years of age and older if they complete a certain class for accident prevention. This discount lasts for three years, and it can be renewed every three years.

Uninsured Idaho drivers can be fined for $206 for driving without insurance. They may also have your license suspended and might also have to file an SR-22 form. If drivers are caught driving with a suspended or revoked license, this is considered a severe offense and carries a minimum sentence for this charge of two days in jail, but be sentenced to up to six months. They also face a possible $1,000 plus a possible driver’s license suspension for an additional six months.

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