With the use of spirituality, one can overcome the evils of addiction

God, religion, and spirituality are key factors for many individuals in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse and avoiding relapse, yet the principles of religion and spirituality are often overlooked as relevant factors in preventing and treating substance abuse and addiction.

The theories and teachings of religion and spirituality have enormous potential for lowering the risk of substance abuse among teens and adults and when combined with professional treatment, it can hastily promote recovery. Adults and teens who consider the religion to be very important and attend religious services weekly or more are far less likely to smoke, drink or abuse drugs. People who, in addition to receiving treatment, attended spirituality based support programs, were more likely to maintain sobriety.

Individuals in successful recovery often showed greater levels of faith and spirituality than did those who had relapsed. A program which is commonly followed in the United states is the “12-Step” program, which is one of the country’s oldest recovery programs and it specifically calls for spiritually based actions such as meditation, prayer, conscious contact with a “power greater than ourselves,” and personal searching. More than 80 percent American people believe in God or some other greater power.

Adolescents who do not attend religious services are four times more likely to use illicit drugs and three times more likely to binge drink as those that regularly attend services. The same applies for adults, as adults who do not attend religious services are five times more likely to use illicit drugs and seven times more likely to binge drink than adults who regularly attend services. According to research by Project MATCH, a leading authority on drug and alcohol abuse, spiritually driven addiction treatment programs resulted in nearly a 10 percent greater recovery rates than other forms of treatment.

Many recent therapeutic treatments incorporate spirituality and religion along with other variables in order to provide the best form of treatment. Spirituality is relative and its definition and process varies from person to person. For some, it is theistic and based on a person’s connection with God whereas for others, it is defined by moral values, inner strength, and inner peace. Spirituality helps people to understand empathy, authenticity and gives people and increased sense of meaning and purpose. Participation in a religious or similar minded community helps create connections, providing both a sense of stability, belonging and acceptance.

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