Wildlife Photographer travels the world searching for special photographic moments with Tigers!

“Tiger Photo Safari”
Wildlife photographer travels the world capturing rare moments with Tigers.

Wildlife Photographer Jorel Cuomo travels the world photographing amazing creatures you would imagine seeing in National Geographic. He shares daily images on his Facebook page which includes over 50,000 followers who patiently await his next images.

He spends around half the year pursuing his photographic love of nature, getting up early to search for wildlife and staying up late to edit his photos on safari.

Some of the amazing places he’s been to, include: Indonesia, Madagascar, Nepal, Peru, Sri Lanka, and India.

“Right now I am quite fascinated with India and Sri Lanka. They bequeath some of the most amazing flora and fauna on the planet not to mention the culture and food are quite amazing. Tiger photo safaris are quite popular at the moment.”

He has been to India twice in the past year and is going back this October on a three week safari that will encompass four parks, two of which will be new experiences.

“I remember the first time I saw a Tiger in the wild. It was in Kanha National Park. The experience sent chills down my spine and filled my body with such excitement that I knew I wanted more.”

Tigers once numbered over 100,000 but now only 3,000 exist, mostly due to hunting and habitat loss. To see a Tiger in the wild is an experience of a lifetime. There are only a few select countries where you can see Tigers. The best chance of seeing one would be in India, followed by Nepal.

A lot of times people think taking photographs is easy. The truth is it takes a lot of work and time. You get up at 3 in the morning and are up until 10 at night. Animals are most active in the morning and evening and it takes a lot of time to just find one due to their scarcity. Jorel explains he will go on safari for days searching for the perfect image.

“You can go a bit crazy at times waiting, but the moment a Tiger chooses to present itself makes it totally worth it. The satisfaction of all your hard work pays off and when it’s over, you reflect on the day’s events noting that you just experienced one of the most amazing things our planet has to offer.”

Jorel’s upcoming photo safaris lead him to South Africa, and India this fall.

You are welcome to view his amazing Tiger photography on his website www.jorelcuomo.com or 500PX


Jorel grew up in California, the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada and Hawaii where he developed an intimate love of nature.

Some of Jorel’s accomplishments and awards include: NBC, Smithsonian, Shutterbug, BBC, Natures Best, YA Entrepreneur of the Year. He was a winner of NANPA’s High School Scholarship program held in Portland, Oregon in 2004. Jorel currently travels half the year photographing wild Tigers, Leopards,  and just about anything else that moves. From waiting all day for a Grizzly Bear to appear in the Tetons to hanging halfway off the cliff photographing puffins, the thrill and excitement never gets old.

Currently Jorel is a Trustee for the NANPA Foundation.

“Traveling the world has given me an insight into the natural world and its diminishing habitats. I am greatly affected where our planet is headed and would like to focus my attention on protecting natural areas through photography. By creating images that evoke emotions — and seeing the beauty and importance of nature — others will feel this connection and take action to conserve critical habitats and wildlife for future generations.”

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