FlipHTML5 Flip Book Maker Increases Conversion Rate in Email Marketing

FlipHTML5, a leading software company reveals the benefits of HTML5-based interactive newsletter, even as it now offers free flip book maker that helps on newsletter marketing.

The life of any business or organization largely depends on its capacity to reach its target audience with interesting content, and the mode of delivery would as well affect the conversion rate. To that effect, FlipHTML5, a leading software company, recently posts an update on its official site, revealing the benefits of HTML5-based interactive newsletter as an indispensable pre-selling and publicity tool to increase conversion rates in email marketing campaigns. The company also reveals how to use flip book maker for market strategy on their blog.

According to a statement from Sam Huang, the Chief Technology Officer of FlipHTML5, over the years, the conversion rates of email marketing have largely decreased as many businesses complain of low email opening rates. “The problem has to do with the lack of an interactive design in traditional email marketing campaigns,” he states.

He also points out that since effective communication involves interactivity, if marketers can begin to send out HTML5-enabled newsletters to their subscribers, they are more likely to witness an exponential increase in email opening rates. He then adds, saying, “FlipHTML5 flip book maker, the marketing software is being released in present times in order to solve this problem.”

Speaking further of the benefits of HTML5-based newsletters, Sam Huang explains that it would help to maintain existing subscribers. He discloses that most subscribers often opt out of a mailing list because of the poor design and the dull text of emails sent to them. “With HMTL5 newsletter designer software, an individual can create a dynamic, user-friendly, and interactive content that would drive subscribers to click the Buy Now button,” he affirms.

Moreover, the flip book maker software can help to create mobile responsive newsletter content that can be read on any mobile device; and this feature would also increase conversion rates. “HTML5-enabled newsletters also come with social share feature such that subscribers can easily share the content on social networks, thus increasing the prospects of the newsletter creator,” Sam Huang confirms. It’s been reported as well that the newsletter marketing software is now being offered for free on the official site of FlipHTML5.

Anyone interested in this topic may also want to have free flip book maker download via FlipHTML5 blog.

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