Columbia Pest Control Warns of High Home Invasion Pest Risk

Hot And Dry Weather Conditions Lead Pests To Seek Shelter — In Homes

It’s certainly a scorching hot summer for residents of Portland, Oregon this summer. While some residents are enjoying the heat, many are discovering that their home has become something of a “pest magnet”.

Pests and rodents seeking water and food — as well as a respite from the blazing sun—are entering into residential homes and retail business premises where they can find both in abundance.

A couple of pests can soon turn into a nightmarish infestation. Mice, for example, can have up to eight litters of up around 6 pups each year — and can fit through tiny, almost invisible holes.

“The problem is exacerbated by the fact that July and August are often the time for people to take their annual vacation,” said Mike Giskaas, owner of Columbia Pest Control “If you’re not in your office or at home, you’re not able to see tell-tale signs of an unwanted invasion — no matter what the pest is, it does pose a threat to your property, and their waste matter can carry disease. It’s important to check in this climate that your home is pest-free to avoid these problems, which can be significant and expensive to fix.”

professional pest exterminator service can help homeowners to identify a pest invasion and eliminate it — if homeowners have even the smallest suspicions it’s likely that unwanted, uninvited tenants have taken up residence.

Professional pest control companies serving the greater Portland area, can help residents and businesses to identify a potential infestation and safely eliminate the threat. Columbia Pest Control Inc has technicians that have been trained in eliminating all major Portland pest infestations in residential, commercial and business settings, and are licensed, bonded and insured in the States of Washington and Oregon.

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Columbia Pest Control offers fast, dependable and environmentally safe pest eradication services and maintenance plans throughout the greater Portland and Vancouver metropolitan areas. With over 30 years of pest control experience, the company offers an unrivalled knowledge and service. For the best in pest control Portland Oregon visit the company’s website.




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