Some Inconspicuous Features about Airwheel intelligent self-balancing electric scooter A3

Though intelligent self-balancing scooters have been sold for long, some people still doubt about its practicability and applicability. Is it safe? Can it work at night? What if it runs out of power? How to park the vehicle? Airwheel designers have taken full account of all those problems, and thus A3 comes into being. Apart from the previously mentioned saddle and electronic braking system, let’s have a closer look at some inconspicuous yet indispensable functions of the product.

Differentiated from bikes, A3 now has an LED illumination for users to ride at night. Some people used to think that intelligent scooters can only be used at daytime. The cool LED illumination lights up for night ride and ensures riders’ safety. With turn signals, A3 also gives riders a steering-like experience. The auto-induction steering system is designed according to international standards to escort riders for safe riding. A foldable kickstand is mounted under the control shaft to help users park the device easily. 

With the embellishment of the music playing function, now riding A3 can be as enjoyable as driving cars. Users can connect phones and scooters through the built-in wireless interface, and then play music on A3. This is a function that electromobiles and bikes do not possess. The subwoofer beats with music and drives away the fatigue and loneliness of a journey.

As is known, an APP is developed to support the electric scooter A3. The APP provides real-time status of the device to users. But the APP can also locate the vehicle by GPS. If the car is moved illegally, users can lock the vehicle through the APP. Therefore, A3 users can remove the fear of vehicle theft. Users can also set the speed limit according to their own need over the phone. 

Some of the functions might seem inconspicuous but they add brilliance to A3’s present splendor. All the details are the embodiment of designers’ wisdom. Come and experience the humanized product, and it will never fail you.

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