Class action against Google & Bing aim to force bid prices down

New Indiegogo project allow entrepreneurs to take a piece of Google / Microsoft.

Google and Microsoft’s search engines post ads that general billions of dollars in income each year.  Often, these ads are placed alongside organic search results based on the keywords a user inputs.  Costs for these ads are based on the popularity of keyword searches and can run from five cents to double-digit dollars.  Now, the giant companies have marked low-price keywords “irrelevant” and have stopped offering ads based on these keywords, creating artificial shortage and pushing ad prices to the dollar range. $2 per click ads are even made part of the organic listing tempting the unsuspected searcher to click on it thinking it organic result.  Further, the two companies have confiscated certain keywords to further generate artificial shortages and push prices up.  

All of these activities affect private entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Now, a group has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise legal fees to file a class action lawsuit against Microsoft and Google for these practices.  

The goal of the crowd funding resource is to generate half a million dollars to pay for legal fees.  If successful, this lawsuit would require Google and Microsoft to release banned and “irrelevant” keywords to the public and compensate businesses for their losses.

The originator of the class action lawsuit idea is also an active high-tech entrepreneur who has created a cyber security program known as “Magen—Malware Vigilance.”  It can be downloaded to protect personal identity as well as prevent computer hacking.

Those who donate to the IndieGoGo campaign as seen at will be given classmate status and will be a part of making the Internet an affordable place for all.  They will also be given a share of any compensation recovered from Google and Bing.  

For more information, see the IndieGoGo page.

About Class Action against Google & Bing:

The originator of a class action to be filed against Google and Bing, two major search engines, has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise legal funds.  Participants are guaranteed a share of any compensation recovered from the two companies. 



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