Margrete Gaultier begins skincare business in China

Eye glue, most famous product which manufactured by Margrete Gaultier , skincare brand originally founded in Switzerland is getting more popular in china now.

Margrete Gaultier, a European herbal skincare brand originally founded in Switzerland, inherits more than 40 of Juan Ponce de León’s secret formulations. The brand combines the ancient ways of extraction and preservation of natural herbal ingredients with modern cosmetic technologies to make skin care products suit modern needs for people suffering skin problems caused by pollution and high pressure, and cater to their higher needs of skin care.

Staying young forever has been the eternal dream throughout the history. Juan Ponce de León, the renowned Spanish explorer in the Renaissance, was also a zealous pursuer. He spent a lot of effort in researching the mystery Fountain of Youth, though he never truly found it, he collected many herbal formulations and herbs with rejuvenating effects along the trip around almost half of the globe, and wrote down more than 100 formulations.

The brand not only provides the customers’ skincare solutions by its superior products, but also takes care of their deeper needs by providing unique aesthetic and artistic perspective. It is writing the modern legend of “Fountain of Youth”. 


The Youth Glue is an eye gel designed to erase the mark of time, it keeps the eye skin young as if it glues time. It defines perfect eye skin care by its ‘Tri-Layer’ system, one of the signature techniques of Margrete Gaultier: the first layer (avocado essence) forms a natural protective film, providing mild and perfect repair environment. The second layer (algae extract) regulates oil secretion and skin metabolism from the origin, repairs cells, stimulates collagen regeneration and preliminarily uplifts facial contours. The third layer (peptide) relaxes the skin, slows oxidation, increases collagen and provides final eye contour enhancement and firmness. The eye gel strikes a perfect balance between being natural and effectiveness, a choice of all-in-one eye skin care solution.

About the company:

Besides the “Glue Series”, Margrete Gaultier Fountain of Youth also comes with a series of signature products: Caviar Essence Facial Cleanser, Ultra Hydration Serum, Ultra Hydration Cream, Rosa Damascena Essence, Overnight Mask series, Collagen Firming Hydration Mask (Bloody Mary) and lots more.


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