Stengel Project Announces IndieGoGo Campaign for Breakthrough Radioactive Solutions

Practical answers to today’s problems that will “Change the way we handle radioactive pollution and storage in the future”

Cagnes Sur Mer, France – August 03, 2015 – Visionary Dr. Patrice Stengel announced new radioactive solutions by EcoDeRec/Stengel Project. The project aims to raise public awareness and support of Dr. Stengel’s patent approved and published methods that will pave the way for a more secure future. Stengel Project will carry out laboratory tests to prove that these methods work. However, something this large can be very costly. So the team has turned to the crowdfunding community and launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise $55,000. 

Radioactive waste comes from a range of sources, including generating electricity in nuclear power stations, using radioactive materials in industry, medicine and research, and from defense-related nuclear programmes. Currently, it is stored temporarily at secure nuclear sites across the country, but this new discovery would enable industries to safely handle and dispose their waste permanently.

Support from the campaign will be used to finance radiation tests for the 2 new methods. The waste storage solution will protect society for several hundred years. 

“Now and then we are reminded of the dangers and the destructive power of radioactivity. The media coverage of nuclear accidents or the difficulties of long-term storage of radioactive waste, often raise our attention only for a short time. But the problems continue to exist and practical solutions had to be found… Since I’m always looking for innovative solutions for a better and safer future of our planet, I was motivated to find a solution for these particular problems. The results of my research are now complete. I developed two patented procedures, which will revolutionize the treatment of radioactive contamination and the long-term storage!”

— Dr. Patrice Stengel, CEO EcoDeRec 

Dr. Stengel is a graduate of the University of Environmental Engineering in Dusseldorf/Germany as a chemical engineer. As a visionary, he finds solutions for tomorrow and tackles the problems of today. 

In this course of working on his new discovery, a successful field trial was conducted in September 2012 in Pripyat (exclusion zone of Chernobyl) for the decontamination of radioactive polluted soil. 

To help bring the Project to life, please visit the Indiegogo campaign or click here

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