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This new product from Genuine 7 is the first of its kind in the US market. A single use body wipe in the form of a mitt. This mitt is full of aloe, mint & cucumber and have a very unique pleasing scent similar to a body spray. The mitt design was created to maximize surface area.

Genuine 7 has launched a new product called FLX>> Cleansing Body Mitt. This product is an innovation in disposable wipes created by Genuine 7 founders Chris Snyder & Shane O’Brien. 

The product at first glance looks like a disposable wipe but when you take a closer look you’ll see that it’s far from ordinary. First, the towel is in the form of a mitt — This design allow you to put the towel on your hand like a glove and maximize the surface area (it won’t get bunched up like regular wipes) you can clean your whole body with just one wipe. Second, the contents and scent are superior — This mitt contains mint, aloe, cucumber and a fresh scent similar to body sprays — Genuine 7s team worked with perfumeries to come up with a unique refreshing scent that dissipates on the skin over a few minutes. Third, each mitt is individually wrapped — This ensures freshness and allows users to carry the product anywhere. 

One of the founders, Chris Snyder, said he traveled a lot for work and played golf with clients — After the round he was hot, sweaty and just plain funky — many times he would need to go a dinner or cocktail party but had no time to take a shower or clean up. He would keep a pack of baby wipes in the car but he didn’t like the scent, didn’t like how many he needed to use, and didn’t like how they would dry out quickly. That’s when the idea hit him “Create a product an adult would use on themselves, that works easily, use superior ingredients and make it smell fantastic,” and The FLX>> Cleansing Body Mitt by Genuine 7 was born.

Chris and Shane have tested their FLX>> Cleansing Body Mitts all over the US. Chris said, “We found cyclists had a big need for them as their face gets hit hard with sweat, grime, fumes, etc. and they usually socialize afterwards immediately with no facilities to clean up. The FLX Mitts are great for athletes of any kind but they are also a great for business travelers.” Recently the other founder, Shane O’Brien, was on traveling in NY City; Shane said, “I couldn’t believe how hot and sweaty I would get riding the subway. I used the FLX Cleansing Body Mitt on my face, neck and arms to feel cool, refreshed and get rid of the dried sweat — I was amazed how much dirt I wiped away from being in the city.” 

With the fast pace of 24 hour work-play-socialize it’s tough to keep clean and it’s easy to get sweaty. When the sweat dries it creates bacteria that turns into the funky smell (we all know that funky smell). If you don’t have time for facilities after that next pick-up game or a full day of work don’t mask the smell with a spray — grab a FLX>> Cleansing Body Mitt to get refreshed, cool and clean. 

FLX>> Cleansing Body Mitts allow you to get clean, anywhere, anytime! For more information contact the Genuine 7 founders: Chris Snyder at 704-953-2713 or Shane O’Brien at 860-575-5058. Or go to www.genuine7.com to find retail locations and more information.

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