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The WORLD’S ONLY MINERAL WATER, that stops Mosquitoes from biting you in MINUTES. Also effective for Blackflies, Horseflies, and Midges. The Magik: Mosquito MAGIK works by triggering the skin’s immune system to create your own INVISIBLE PROTECTION. Research established there are Mosquito Magnet People and Mosquito N0N-Magnet People. Mosquito MAGIK triggers YOUR immune mechanism, to produce vapours at the skin level that stops mosquitoes from sensing us.

MAGIK Distributors Inc. is pleased to announce distribution agreements in Canada and the United States to distribute our Signature Product, Mosquito MAGIK. 

Since 2010, Changing the Status Quo from TOPICAL to ORAL.

Be Mosquito FREE in MINUTES.

Mosquito MAGIK is the WORLDS’S ONLY MINERAL WATER, that stops Mosquitos from biting you. 

• Mosquito MAGIK is Safe for ALL
• It’s Easy to Use 
• Protects with one Simple Application
• There’s no messy Lotions or Sprays
• No melting of expensive plastic controls
• Never miss a Spot 
• No Offensive Odours
• Will not Wash off when Swimming
• Will not Stain Clothes
• Effective when Sweating
• Long Lasting
• Okay if it gets on food or even in your eyes.
• Allows you Peace of Mind and Enjoyment in the Great Outdoors

Mosquito MAGIK stimulates your immune system, to protect you naturally from biting Mosquitoes, Blackflies, Horseflies, Midges, No see ums.

By simply rolling or swishing 1/2 teaspoon of our exclusive Mineral Water in your mouth for 45 seconds, and then swallowing, within 3 minutes, you can walk amongst clouds of mosquitos and not be bitten.

The MAGIK: Mosquito MAGIK works by triggering the inherent ability of your skins’ immune system, to create your own INVISIBLE PROTECTION. 
Research has established that there are Mosquito Magnet people and Mosquito Non-Magnet people. 
Mosquito MAGIK triggers your personal immune MECHANISM to create an Invisible Shield that stops biting insects from sensing you.

Consistent use of our MINERAL WATER, prolongs the effective time of protection.

Mosquito MAGIK has been ‘Field Tested’ in many countries around the world.
Europe, Africa, South East Asia, Australia, the Carribean, South, Central & North America.
Mosquito MAGIKS’ performance is OUTSTANDING!

“AMAZING STUFF” is a comment we hear consistently from customers. 

“Finally a product that Really Works and is Safe, Green, Effective and can be used on children and nursing mothers.”

Developed by a Naturopath, knowlegeable in the fields of Immune Systems for Humans, Animals and Plants.
He set out to design Mosquito Magik to be SAFE for ALL, Children, Pregnant and/or Nursing Mothers, Animals and the Environment.
He’s attained his Goal, creating the World’s Safest and most Effective Protection for all living Organisms.

Additionally, Mosquito MAGIK now has insect blood biting protection products, for Horses, Dogs and Cats.

Equine MAGIK for horses is the Worlds’ ONLY effective solution for ‘SWEET ITCH’.
Equine MAGIK, when applied, rapidly goes to work and alleviates the issues brought on by the midges. Bringing a long lasting reversal to the condition. And now you have a relaxed, calm, happy and responsive riding companion.

Use Mosquito MAGIK and be BITE FREE, you’ll be amazed at how well it works!! 

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