MOODY Useless Box on Kickstarter — More Than Useless

Los Angeles, CA – On July 19 2015, gad&get launched a Kickstarter campaign for MOODY, a box with its own mood that responds to you with different moves, for incredible fun!

“MOODY Useless Box is a box that has its own ‘mood’, whenever you try to switch it on, it turns itself off, of course, in a different mood,” explains the team, “Cautious, impatient, cheerful, you will never know what’s next because it is moody. In other words, the box responds you with different moves, every time in different speed, different frequency, and different range.”

So what’s a MOODY Useless Box for? Er, basically, it’s just for fun. Even a terminator would be amused by this little box. But, the real point is, to help pass the time. When loading a game, waiting for dinner or taking a rest from your paperwork, anytime you pull the trigger — Tadah! Congrats, you killed your time!

The core of the MOODY Useless Box is a pre-programmed high-speed chip. It responds to your movements while the adjusted gear set helps to save energy, running for longer. The outer parts of the box are carved with a laser, which makes the box shiny and solid. The team has built eight prototypes, to develop its structure and ensure program optimization. Also, the power supply works by using a main switch so that you don’t need to replace the batteries often.

“Sounds cool, huh? Don’t get excited too early, because we have more surprises. Here is just a small part of the all the different moods and moves, discover more yourself!” the team says, “With your support, we could build this product in its best way: the best components, most efficient factory, and finally, bring the project to life.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including one early bird Moody Useless Box in the Silver Stripes or Black Edition for $39 (or for the regular Kickstarter price of $44), a double pack for $84, and more!  

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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