The Importance of Going Green and Supporting Green Companies

Going Green, means that companies should shift their attention from non-renewable sources of energy.
Every company has its own reasons for going green. The most important reason for going green is that it will go a long way in conserving the environment. When companies go green, it helps them to reduce their consumption of non-renewable energy like gasoline, increase consumption of renewable energy sources such as solar energy, reduce non-recyclable wastes, and leads to a healthier planet. These are just a few advantages of going green.

Going Green, means that companies should shift their attention from non-renewable sources of energy. These are energy sources such as; oil, natural gas, and fossil fuels. They are the largest culprits responsible for releasing insane amounts of harmful carbon gases into the atmosphere. These gases deplete the ozone layer allowing harmful ultraviolet radiation into the earth. It goes against the principle of environmental sustainability. Instead, we should make use of sustainable energy options such as solar energy or harness wind power.

It also helps to cut down on wastage of resources. Whether we are at home or at work, we should make an effort to conserve energy as much as we can. Simple gestures such as turning off the computer screens when no one is using it, or turning off light bulbs and using natural light instead, will lead to a reduction of energy costs and in turn reduction of wastes.

Supporting environmental safety efforts improves the health standards in any workplace. It is a given fact that non-sustainable energy use increases the waste produced, leading to the pollution of the environment, especially air. Sustainable energy reduces air pollution and in effect lowers health risks of the workers. The company in turn saves on medical benefit costs and gains from a healthy working staff to increase productivity.

Planet earth is our home and we all as people need to make a collective effort to ensure that its resources are used wisely and efficiently. Adopting environmental friendly policies would ensure that the future generations get a cleaner and healthier environment to live in.


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