Water Damage and how it can deteriorate your home fast

It is very important to know the signs of water damage, and the effects it can have on your home.

Water damage compromises the integrity of your home, along with the wellness of your health. It is equally important to know what steps you should take to better insure your home from the possibility of water damage, along with what steps you need to take once you have confirmed that water has caused damage to your dwelling.

First, there are many tell-tale signs to look for, as you read on you will learn to spot water damage as soon as the signs show. The easiest way to tell is by looking at your ceiling. Have you noticed water spots? Chances are you have a cracked pipe, or recent rains have caused the wood to swell, thus leading to retention. Another sign of water damage may be an unusual smell, usually a musk scent of mildew. Sometimes you will notice that the ceiling will begin to sag, or a bubble will form by all of the retained water.

Once you’ve spotted the signs of damage caused by water to your home, it’s time to take action, right away. It’s important to act quickly, as mold grows relatively fast, as quick as 24 hours. If you are unaware, it’s important that I inform you on the dangers of mold in your home to your family. Mold is capable of causing respiratory problems such as coughing and sneezing, but it doesn’t stop there. Some molds, such as black mold, can be deadly! This is why it is important to dehumidify your home as soon as you notice any mold, or water in a place it shouldn’t be.

Your home insurance company might pay for some of the damage inflicted on your house. Be sure to call them, often times they will refer you to a restoration service. It is always best to call a professional into help, to cut costs and time needed for repair and restoration. A number of things can determine how long the restoration can take. Such reasons could be what caused the damage, what was damaged, and how much of it was so. In order to save this valuable time and money, routinely check spots that might possibly cause damage in the future.

Be sure to check all water pipes for cracks or damage, sinks, faucets, and your water heater. It’s also a good idea to check places like the line that connects to your washer, or sometimes even there’s a water line that will connect to your refrigerator. It isn’t always possible to catch water damage before it happens, but when it is, you’ll be glad you did. 

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