The Prodent Group Discusses The 5 Most Important Things about Maintaining Proper Dental Hygiene

A person’s oral health is a very important aspect of his/ her well-being
When speaking on overall health, people often forget that an important key in maintaining proper health is dental hygiene. Improper dental care can result in irreversible damages.

Individuals must pay particular attention to their teeth and gums to ensure that they are secure from any kind of dental complications such as bad breath, cavities, pain and bleeding gums. Good and healthy habits ensure that your teeth remain in pristine condition and you can always confidently smile in your photographs.

Some of the services provided by the dental care professionals are listed below:

1) Regular Dental Check-ups – This is a type of general dental service in which a licensed dentist performs some dental check-ups on a person to detect the presence of any disease. On detecting any complication, the dentist may prescribe certain medicines or perform a medical procedure if required. Regular dental check-ups are very important to detect any disease before it can manifest and become untreatable.

2) Dental Hygiene Services – Hygiene services encompass teeth cleaning and flossing. These are done to keep the gums and teeth healthy. In practice, dental hygiene services are performed to remove the thin layer of tartar and plaque that accumulates over a person’s teeth. Tartar and plaque are considered to be breeding spot for bacteria and hence availing dental hygiene services to get them removed is of utmost importance.

3) Teeth sealants – Over time some sort of decay may start showing up on the teeth. To prevent the decay from progressing further, teeth sealants are applied by the dentist. It forms a thin protective film over the enamel of the teeth which prevents further decay. Getting tooth sealants are fairly simple and quick as it bonds very quickly.

4) Tooth extraction services – Often considered as the last resort, tooth extraction is a crucial part of dental care services. When the tooth gets damaged beyond repair, tooth extraction is recommended. The process is simple and painless as a local anesthetic is applied prior to the surgery. The dentist may then use forceps to remove the damaged tooth. Some amount of care is necessary for the post-extraction period to ensure the spot heals well and fast.

5) Root Canal Services – A Root Canal is a dental service procedure which is aimed at saving a tooth that has been damaged or infected. During this procedure, the tooth is cleaned thoroughly and then sealed to prevent infection from occurring again. It is usually performed by a specialist known as an Endodontist.

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