Plethogam Publishes News Of The Newly Fan Remastered Resident Evil 2, Street Fighter V and More is dedicated to breaking news about the gaming community’s most beloved and anticipated games, with newly published editorials on Resident Evil 2 and Street Fighter V.

Computer games are now the biggest entertainment industry in the world, and it’s easy to understand why, combining the cinematic experience of an immersive world and story with the ownership and agency of choosing one’s own actions. One early success story in this vein was Resident Evil, an immersive puzzle and survival game, while an all time classic of the action genre was Street Fighter. Both are seeing a new lease of life in different ways, and Plethogam has its finger on the pulse to share news of developments with the gaming mainstream.

The news of Resident Evil 2 sees a fan remaster bring the game into beautiful high definition, painstakingly recreating the character models, environments and texture maps to a whole new level of detail. Created by Invader Games, the remaster now has in-game footage to show for the first time, and Plethogam have shared it along with commentary and insight. The footage is the most exciting since they released Fallout 4 Gameplay.

They have also broken news on the latest new characters to be included in the Street Fighter V game. The fifth in the franchise will see the return of some old favorites together with the introduction of new icons, and Plethogam showcases Necalli, an otherworldly fighter with unique powers.

A spokesperson for Plethogam explained, “Street Fighter and Resident Evil are two of the most popular franchises of all time, and both have a heavy dose of nostalgia attached to them for millions of gamers around the world. That’s why projects like these are so exciting to fans, who look for the latest updates, not caring whether the developers are the studio itself or the indie game developers focusing on resident evil 2 as a labor of love. Check out Plethogam for more great stories on the latest in modern gaming.”

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