AMJX Food Foundry Comes Up With The Latest Culinary Data, Yet Again

The team at AMJX Food Foundry, (, is back at teasing your palate with another set of articles to tempt you to run and start cooking. AMJX’s visionary explains he wanted to help people understand what food is literally. “I love to eat, and food, well that is just has to be the best part of eating. I simply love finding out more so I can challenge my palate! I wanted to assist others in easily accessing food information.”

The AMJX team works hard to find the latest and most accurate historical and culinary data about the topic of the week. The ideas for their next articles come from current buzz in television, The Taste, and culinary news like Delicious Magazine. The trend now is to be epicurious which AMJX tackles brilliantly with their many interesting and challenging topics like “What Is Swai” after a recent episode of Masterchef Australia’s mystery box winner’s recipe. (

If you’re looking for a recipe, don’t look here, the internet is drowning in them. AMJX’s only goal is to only clearly provide definitions, culinary techniques and history. Tailor made for amateurs to budding chefs. Honing in your skills couldn’t be easier with their easy to follow menus and search feature. AMJX wants to give readers a sense of empowerment over the food when in today’s age, what we eat is becoming more important.

Navigating a culinary journey, hopefully ending up in bellies, can be a little tricky especially if you don’t understand your ingredients. For example, can you use ham or prosciutto instead of capicola? ( Quick and easily accessible data is what is expected from AMJX. Testing everything by experience and first-hand knowledge, the team is comprised of chefs and epicurious historians. “It is vital that we research and provide our readers with accurate information.”

“Planning a dinner party couldn’t be more fun!” Jenna from Paradesi Bhaarya states, “I love AMJX because it is very insightful. The blog is updated often and the topics really seem to be written for me! I want to know about food, where it comes from its history and AMJX does this. I find myself using it constantly.” AMJX is dedicated to food and with that in mind they are publishing information that is at the reader’s fingertips with an app in the works for the future.


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