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For the last fifteen years, he has sought to offer couples in Long Island a different way to process a lower-impact, financially smart, healthier divorce through mediation.
Are you at the point of divorce, wondering how you to make this significant transition without further damage? The emotional, psychological and financial pain brought about by many separations and divorces can be seriously traumatic.

Fred Klarer, J.D., saw first-hand how much pointless trauma, suffering and injury came out of the traditional divorce process when he served as a Long Island contested divorce attorney.  For the last fifteen years, he has sought to offer couples in Long Island a different way to process a lower-impact, financially smart, healthier divorce through mediation.

The mediation process begins with a consultation.  Because of the highly personal nature of the mediation process and the significant issues that can come up during divorce mediation, it’s very important that there is a synergy among the couple and the mediator.  Unlike a divorce that is processed by an attorney, in mediation both parties see one mediator.  This is ethical, because the mediator is not there to represent the interests of either party.  Rather, the mediator is there to facilitate problem solving, help the couple think through the impacts of their decisions, and generally serve as an objective party during the process of structuring the divorce.

It may seem that mediation would take longer than the traditional, attorney-driven contested divorce process.  There is much to discuss, and agreements can take a long time to reach.  However, the skills of a mediator can make the process of structuring the divorce fairly quick.  Most Long Island couples who work with a divorce mediator are able to come to a resolution in two to three 1½ hour sessions.

A marriage is highly personal, and defined in a way that suited both spouses best at the time.  Rather than following the rules set by others, and falling into the often-painful and traditionally protracted formula of contested, litigated divorce, a mediated divorce can be structured in the way that best serves both partners and the families.  The goal of mediation is to allow an appropriate, healing, and safe environment to “vent” about problems that have such a deep emotional context — but to restrict venting to once per topic.  The focus always remains the objective definition of the problems that the family must work through in order for the divorce to be as painless and productive as possible.

In a situation that often leaves two grown adults terrified about starting over — financially, emotionally and often psychologically —mediation offers an opportunity to approach divorce in the healthiest, most caring and constructive manner possible.  The benefits far outweigh the very low cost of mediation for divorcing couples in Long Island.  The consultation is private, and anyone can reach out with any questions, either alone or as a couple.  Mediation is a solution that is designed to prevent more problems from developing in this stressful time.

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