Slimterol, the New Weight Management System Launched In India

Longevity Herbals launches a new, unique weight management system in India.

Longevity Herbals, the company committed to delivering unique health improvement supplements for improving the quality of life of people has done it again. They have launched Slimterol, a unique weight loss management system in India which promises to help users lose weight in record time.

“We are proud to introduce Slimterol, the first four mode weight management system which is a sure-fire way of dealing with obesity,” says the spokesperson for Longevity Herbals. “Slimterol is a thermogenic fat burner which is absolutely safe to use as it does not contain caffeine, ephedrine or any diuretics. As our product is 100% vegetarian, it can be used by anyone who wants to put a firm end to their weight loss problems.”

Slimterol is a more effective way of losing weight as it comes with a unique and proven four node fat attack system. Results are lightening fast and highly visible. The first step of the weight loss process with Slimterol is the metabolism support system. Slimterol has the ability to boost metabolism to amazing levels without having to use non-healthy caffeine or dangerous stimulants.

The second of the four-step weight loss management process is the blood sugar/insulin support system. Diabetics often have to battle the twin demon of insulin problems and weight issues. It is a proven fact that those who do not tolerate carbohydrates well have a severe craving for more carbohydrates and sugars.

With Slimterol, affected individuals will be able to get rid of their insulin management problems. It helps decrease insulin secretion while consuming sugar and carbohydrate-rich meals. Slimterol also helps increase insulin sensitivity in the muscle receptors of diabetics exponentially while simultaneously balancing cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This helps prevent those hassling mood swings.

The third step is the digestion/appetite support system. Slimterol reduces the physical need to eat. More specifically, the craving for sugar and fat-based food will be removed completely and almost immediately. This wonder drug can help users put a permanent end to their hunger pangs by balancing the serotonin levels of the brain, which create these irresistible cravings. The roller-coaster cycle of weight gain and loss will be history as Slimterol eradicates bounce back failures and helps in staying steady at the individual’s ideal weight.

The fourth and the final step is the antioxidant/pH alkalizer system. Slimterol contains the proprietary pH alkalizer formula which alkalizes the body system naturally which brings about numerous benefits to the body. It results in the body becoming less acidic leading to effortless burning of fat in the most healthy and natural way without any side effects. Users are also spared the torture of having to consume bland and boring diets.

Slimterol uses 100 per cent all natural ingredients that ensure the product is completely safe for use, for everyone. The manufacturers assure that there will be no side effects whatsoever. Moreover, Slimterol is manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility. The product can be ordered online conveniently.

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Longevity Herbals is a company committed to delivering health improvement supplements that help their customers lead a high quality lifestyle. They are passionate about improving customer experience continuously through products that are safe, easy to use and highly effective.

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