Sustainable Robot Successfully Rocks Kickstarter with Some Special Help

Scottsdale, AZ – Friday, August 7, 2015 – The world’s only solar-powered pool cleaner, the Solar-Breeze NX, has shown great success in the first weekend of its’ Kickstarter launch, reaching 50% of its funding within 24 hours and 75% by the end of day 4.

The uniquely designed robot addresses concerns plaguing pools owners — the high amount of energy consumption, and the time and hassle required to keep the pool clean.

The Kickstarter campaign saw immense support in the first few hours, with a backer a minute trying to grab up the desirable, limited reward: the Ultra Early Bird Solar-Breeze NX.  “We are excited about how this game-changing technology is being supported by pool owners all over the world,” says Paul Sim, CEO of Solar Pool Technologies, Inc., the company responsible for the creation of the Solar-Breeze NX.  

The Solar-Breeze NX is like a robotic vacuum cleaner — for your pool.  It requires no cords, hoses or attachments and runs all day long removing organic material, dust and pollens from the surface of the pool BEFORE that debris sinks to the bottom.  It also runs for several hours after the sun goes down using power stored in its rechargeable battery.  At the same time it is removing debris, the Solar-Breeze also distributes sanitizer and filters the water that passes through it.  Pool owners who use a Solar-Breeze can reduce their pool energy consumption by as much as 2/3 and spend far less time maintining their pool.

Solar Pool Technologies came to Kickstarter knowing it’s an innovative portal for their very innovative product.  When it came to designing the Kickstarter campaign, SPT took yet another innovative approach — they hired disabled designers to create all the graphics and implement the campaign.

Civitan Media Productions is a boutique design firm, focusing on special needs employment.  They seek to offer “humanitarian design,” catering to small businesses, nonprofits, and social issues that deserve to have a visual voice.  When they were connected with Paul Sim and Solar-Breeze NX, the designers were excited to take on a project that tackles an environmental issue.

“Immediately we recognized they had a unique product, and they needed to treat this new robot as such.  This is why we proceeded with creating a new product logo, seamlessly matching the current brand identity, while allowing the new robot to pop,” states Michael Steinle, Lead Graphic Designer with Civitan Media.

“Watching the numbers increase almost exponentially the first morning was so exciting, to know that this success was due, in part, to our design abilities.” says Lynn Childress, Junior Social Media-ist.

Sustainability is at the forefront of the robot’s design, being made of components that are later recyclable, and allowing for significant decreases in the time required to run high energy-consuming pool pumps.  There are 8 million swimming pools in North America.  Each pool pump runs an average of 7 hours each day, burning 4.5 Mega Watts of energy a year.  If that electricity is generated by coal, then the carbon footprint of each swimming pool is the equivalent of an SUV driving 12,000 miles a year.

“With traditional pool cleaning systems, you don’t have the option of running the pump fewer hous, because the pool is only being cleaned when the pump is running,” states Denis Ruzsa, Co-inventor of the Solar-Breeze NX. “Our robot is solar-powered and works whether the pump is running or not.  Ultimately, we seek to remove pools from the energy grid.”

SPT is still in the early stages of their Solar-Breeze NX Kickstarter campaign and needs additional backers to hit their goal  If you’re looking for a great device to replace your pool cleaning system, then grab up one of the below-retail rewards to receive your very own Solar-Breeze NX by early March 2016.

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