Motivated Sellers will soon be assisted by the Nationwide Program being launched by Don McClain EZ House Buyers

Houston based EZ House Buyers has made an announcement of its first time ever, Nation wide initiative to work with motivated investors as well as sellers. This new initiative aims at bringing sellers of property and investors in the real estate segment, closer together on a common organized platform.

The area of Houston has seen a rise in real estate business in the last few years, with a number of house owners selling their property for a good price. The inability of house owners to fix old houses for sale has caused stumbling blocks for the sale and development of these huge properties. Real Estate agents generally refuse to deal with houses that have pending repairs, and this has only caused anxiety amongst property sellers. This is the gap that EZ House Buyers intends to fill. They have begun to work on building up on this heavy demand in the Real Estate industry.

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Based in Houston, Texas, the company intends to form an organized platform that bridges the gap between interested investors and property sellers. The company has now announced in launch of Nation wide initiative that will work with motivated investors and sellers. By large scale marketing, the company intends to motivate sellers all across the US and will play the role of coordinators who deal with partners/investors Nation wide in order to give sellers quick and practical solutions.

Don McClain, the founder of EZ House Buyers explains the current market scene, “There is a huge demand in the market for an organized effort between motivated sellers and investors seeking to assist them. Our business is so fragmented, and there are very few companies that offer our services in a structured environment”. He further explains the stand and role his company plays, “EZ House Buyers is positioning itself to be the go-to name when a sellers needs to sell their property quickly. Be it divorce, death in the family, loss of job, illness, or pending foreclosure, there are many reasons sellers need to move quickly. That’s where we come in and provide fast custom solutions.” 

Interested house sellers and motivated investors can get more information on EZ House Buyer’s program at They can be contacted on phone at 281-616-5750, email at

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EZ is a premium family-owned real estate solutions establishment that is based at Houston, Texas with operations spread Nation wide. The company builds a structured platform for investors and commercial property owners to interact and find practical solutions.


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