The filmmakers of 10 Days In A Madhouse feel lucky to have Avril Beukes on their team

“Avril Beukes, co-editor of 10 DAYS IN A MADHOUSE — THE NELLIE BLY STORY.”
The filmmakers of 10 Days In A Madhouse feel lucky to have Avril Beukes on their team as she brings over 30 years of editing experience to the table, as well as a passion for exploring socially conscientious topics.

Beukes grew up in South Africa where she worked on films, television shows, and documentaries that shed light on humanitarian issues with the hopes of spreading awareness, sparking political discussion, and ultimately inducing social change. Beukes is devoted to telling the kind of stories that are difficult to digest, the stories that unfortunately, people tend to avoid when it is irrelevant to their life. She wants to demand people’s attention, shake them and say, yes these kinds of horrific things happens in real life, all around us, all the time.

Her 2012 film “Little One” was selected as the “South African Foreign Language” entry to the 2013 Academy Awards. The film follows a woman named Pauline as she discovers a six year old girl on a road in Johannesburg. Her tiny body is bruised and beaten, and she has been left for dead. Pauline saves her life by rushing her to the hospital and later finds out that she had been brutally raped.

In 2005, her HBO film Yesterday was nominated for the Foreign Film Academy Award. The main character, a strong and devoted woman named Yesterday, is tested HIV positive in South Africa, where the disease is a prevailing health concern. Despite her struggle with this, she continues to live her life to the fullest with her last wish being that she will still be alive on her daughter’s first day of school.

Beuke also edited the acclaimed BAFTA-nominated and SAFTRA-winning Red Dust starring Hilary Swank and Chiwetel Ejiofor. For the filmBeukes garnered a Golden Horn win for Best Editing. The film follows South African laywer Sarah Barcant as she travels from New York back to her hometown in order to represent several clients who have been mistreated by the police.

In 2011, she worked on a film called Ties That Bind that would go on to win nine Ghana Movie Awards, including Best Editing and Best Picture. The film, which details the lives and connection of three woman after they all experience the loss of a child, also received 7 nominations and one win (Achievement in Screenplay) at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

10 Days In A Madhouse follows in Beukes’ tradition of working on movies that are hard to watch, but important to tell. Based on Nellie Bly’s 1887 exposé of the same name, the film follows Bly as she goes undercover for her first investigative journalistic assignment. In order to do so, she must feign insanity. She spends ten days living in brutal conditions and witnesses violence, abuse and even murder. The film stars Christopher Lampbert (HighlanderMortal Kombat), Kelly LeBrock (Weird ScienceThe Woman in Red) and newcomer Caroline Barry as Nellie Bly. It opens in US theaters on November 20th.

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