Unconventional Ways to charge Your Devices

Unlock the power of pee? Shout to your phone for getting more power? More unconventional ways to charge your devices are going to be improved.

To those crazy electronic geeks, nothing will be worse than power pause. Since too many people enjoy playing phones all the time, how to charge numerous smart devices has become so upset. Have you ever wondered what if you are just locked at an outdoor district?  Here are some unconventional ways provided by talents, however, please notice that all of them are at the experimental stage, for reference only.

1. Charge with the power of pee

It’s not a fresh issue to discuss how to use a plant as a resource of power. But there is a research that they found ways to convert human’s urine into a power source. Sounds fantastic and queer, right? Actually, the team from England’s University of Bristol and Bristol Robotics Laboratory has finished the first step and works in the phase 2 of the project now. About the concept, it’s based on Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs), which can create an alternate source of power when urine flows through them. More urine flows through, more power is created. In brief, the idea of unlock the power of pee is building a circuit of urine as a battery. A urine battery keeps about 50ml of urine, which provides enough power to send a simple message and make a short phone call. What’s more, it only costs 1 pound to create a urine battery. To sum up, this cost-effective urine battery has a better future in those remote areas of developing countries.

2. Transform shout into power

Researchers from South Korea developed a new set to transform shout or voice into power for charging phones. When answering a call, your voice can active the hidden source of power to charge your phone. It sounds great and sustainable; however, there are some problems with the idea, for instance, the voice which you give off is not equivalent for a basic volume to charge the phone. So scientists try to generate higher electricity by lighter voice.

Some of the unconventional ways are actually need more time to be realized. Meaningful project acts from now on. Before those great events come up, external battery pack will be an appropriate choice when you in the open air. Here we EasyAcc have launched a brand-new ultra slim 10000mAh Power Bank, which provides super power to most smart devices when you are in an electricity emergency. Same price offers premium smart technology and small size, more details please check:

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