X8 or S5?Choose a Suitable Airwheel Intelligent SUV One Wheel Scooter

As a new electric self-balancing SUV scooter, S5 was rolled out on Airwheel 2015 New Product Release Conference in Jul, 2015. But X8 is the first Airwheel intelligent SUV unicycle. Through fully understanding the differences between X8 and S5, users can choose a suitable Airwheel electric SUV scooter.


X8 is one of Airwheel single-wheeled self-balancing scooters. It continued the classic design of Airwheel: single-wheeled structure. However, different from other Airwheel X-series scooters, 16-inch tires are applied to X8 for the first time. The bigger wheels help X8 have better performance of wear resistance and strong grip. And designers make the scooter bodies very thin. Thus, Airwheel X8 is so small and portable that users can take them to subways, buses, schools and offices. X8 uses the original Sony lithium battery, whose battery capacity is up to 170wh. It provides X8 with the longest range among all Airwheel X-series scooters.


S5 is the newest product of Airwheel two-wheeled scooters. Airwheel has updated many elements in S5. As an Airwheel intelligent SUV scooter, S5 uses the bigger 16-inch tires as X8. Airwheel industrial designers add an operating lever, a 4-inch digital screen and a fender to S5. The operating levers and two-wheeled structure help users learn riding S5 easily. While cycling, users can mater various data of S5 on the digital screen: speed, temperature, mileage and electricity. The special fender of S5 is made of aircraft-grade aluminum materials. It is hard, light and has good load capacity. In addition, the biggest character of S5 is its battery capacity, which is 680wh. It is the largest among all Airwheel electric scooters. All these equipments make S5 rougher and more practical than other Airwheel models. At the same time, S5 is a little more expensive than other ones. 

At present, many young people prefer Airwheel electric SUV scooters. But X8 or S5? According to users’ own needs, they can choose a suitable one.

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