Workers Compensation: Who is Responsible?

Employees sustaining an injury in the course of employment are eligible for workers compensation benefits.
Workers compensation benefits include payment of reasonable medical bills related to the accident.

Question: I was working for a company through a temp agency and a computer printer dropped on my foot.  I had to go to the emergency room and I can’t work.  The temp agency and the company aren’t talking to me and say my case is too small.  Who is responsible for my workers compensation?

Answer: Employees sustaining an injury in the course of employment are eligible for workers compensation benefits. The temporary agency and their workers compensation insurer must handle the claim in your situation.

What Are Workers Compensation Benefits?

A wage replacement benefit also pays a tax free weekly amount based on your pre injury average wages.  There are different payments depending on whether you are totally or partially disabled.

If there is any permanency to the injury then another benefit kicks in, but it’s way too early at this point to determine if that applies in your case.

Employers Must Report Workers Compensation Accidents

The “size” of the injury has nothing to do with whether or not you have a claim.  In your scenario you may or may not also have a third party claim.  In other words you may never sue your employer, but if some third party’s negligence caused an injury, then there may be a claim against that party, a “third party claim”.

Workers compensation law requires employers to report workplace injuries within a specified period of time.  Failure to comply raises the possibility of fines against the employer.

An employee must be out of work a minimum number of days before workers compensation kicks in.  In Massachusetts, injured employees must miss 5 days before they are eligible.  But, if they are out due to the injury for 21 days, then the first 5 days are paid.  New Hampshire’s workers compensation law only requires benefits after 3 days of disability, unless that work related disability continues for 14 days or longer.

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