Scandalous Track ‘Take Her On The Elevator’ Blasts Ray Rice Controversy

NEW JERSEY, NJ – 10 August, 2015 – In a blistering ode to Tupac Shakur, New Jersey/NYC rapper Lottyrerich delivers a lyrical critique of the epidemic of domestic violence in college and professional sports. The Point Of View (POV) is merciless in its directness from “Hip Hop’s Donald Trump.” The lyrical expose  entitled “Take Her On The Elevator” says what others think of the Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Erin Andrews, Britt McHenry, ESPN-sex, and MMA sports scandals.


According to Murdercap Records spokesperson Nabeela Khan, the video for the searing social musical jab, is being shot in Las Vegas on the infamous Strip.  The video stars Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James and is filled with stunning revelations. Ms. James gives her insider knowledge as to why the famed golfer can’t win a major since their parting of ways. The video mini-movie concludes that strippers are too much for athletes to handle, and this is at the root of much of the domestic violence.

Murdercap Records CEO SlikkForDays (Jerome Almon) states that the other stunning revelation from the video is that the Ray Rice elevator blow is usually fatal. According to interviews with SlikkForDays from Fox News and Australia’s largest newspaper Sunday Telegraph (“Motown’s Road To Ruin”), Mr. Almon is an expert on violence and grew up at Detroit’s famed Kronk gym.

The track was written and produced while listening to The Rolling Stones (“Gimme Shelter” & “Under My Thumb”), Led Zeppelin, The Clash, Guns N’ Roses, and Jimi Hendrix (“Hey Joe”). SlikkForDays describes the track as the Hughes Brothers’ movie “American Pimp” meets Led Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown.”

The video recreates the Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Erin Andrews, De’Andre Johnson, Hannah Storm miniskirt, and Britt McHenry scandals. The bio for Lottyrerich describes the gangsta rapper as a “lyrical reporter” and a “verbal photojournalist” bringing the ghetto to the globe. Lottyrerich excoriates NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s shockingly frank letter on the Greg Hardy-Nicole Holder domestic violence-sex scandal, questioning the conclusions versus the suspension.

Lottyrerich jumps from the lyrical frying pan into the nuclear furnace by taking on MMA queen Ronda Rousey comments to TMZ regarding the Ray Rice video: The track is available on Amazon, CD Baby, and drops on iTunes this week There is an associated model search for a star turn in the video shoot.

Lottyrerich has been  placed on Canada Border Service Agency’s (CBSA) infamous rap “black list” in a joint effort between Canada’s rap intelligence unit and US Hip Hop police. According to VICE TV, Rolling Stone, TMZ, XXL, Billboard, and, SlikkFordDays and Murdercap Records are public enemy #1 in the Great White North after refusing to accept a multi-million dollars settlement in the label’s anti-censorhip $900 million lawsuit. According to reports from, Global TV, and Canada’s largest network – the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the deal was brokered by the White House, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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Murdercap Records spokeswoman Nabeela Khan states that the Sin City video production features Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James in the lead actress role; she is also featured on a Times Square billboard.  Ms. Khan states that the production is in the process of adding adult film industry “It Girl” Christy Mack, fresh off her July “Real Sports” interview shocker, along with adult movie stars Asa Akira and Ronda Rousey adult parody star Kleio Valentien. The shoot has already been condemned by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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