The King of SUV scooter, Airwheel Electric Unicycle X8 for adults

In many big cities, electric unicycle is no longer a new gadget. On the streets or in the alleys, people could see the track of electric unicycles. The device, with its sleek contour and portable feature is favored many people. Among all the electric unicycles, Airwheel electric unicycle X8, with its distinctive feature and robust performance is labeled as the king of SUV scooters.

As a classical type of the X-series, X8 possesses the typical contracted design. X8 offers two choices, black and white, which are cool, mysterious and yet with decency. With the thickness of 168mm, it is recognized to have the slimmest design among all the one-wheeled electric scooters. X8 itself weighs only 11.1 KG while it could bear a weight of 120 KG. This guarantees that it could be easily carried onto public transport vehicles, like buses and metros. Imaging in the scorching summer, when others are stuck in the traffic jam, X8 riders zip through the bustling roads. Isn’t this amazing? The delicate and crafted device will not be daunted by the heavy traffic. 

The materials and components are all of high quality which ensures the safety of users. X8 adopts the international brand Chen Shin tire, which has better ground grip capability and longer life than an ordinary one. An imported SONY battery is mounted with stable performance. The battery is neither combustible nor explosive. An intelligent chip is built in to translate rider’s body movement into command. The intelligent chip will give order of alarm and speed control in time of emergency.

People enjoy the feeling of the off-road prowess of some sports vehicles. Airwheel intelligent self-balancing unicycle X8 will deliver the same kind of pleasure with such quality materials chosen. As an advanced edition in the X-series, it is an absolute king of SUV electric unicycles.

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