Airwheel Classic Twin-wheeled Scooter Q1 Cheap for Sale

As the environment is deteriorating and the city is become more crowded, people could no longer ignore the issue of environment protection. Traffic, the main source of pollution has drawn people’s close attention. The transformation of modern traffic is about to start. The pioneering Airwheel intelligent scooter has found its place in this transformation. Airwheel twin-wheeled scooter Q1 is a classic and green transport vehicle, which has been applied to many aspects of the daily life.

Light-weighted, small, portable and fashionable are the labels to Airwheel intelligent Q1. The cute shape of Q1 has laid the basis of the whole Q-series. The perfect curve presents a visual enjoyment for customers. Q1 adopts the design of two wheels positioned next to each other, which makes new riders get started and keep balance easily. The standing pedals on each side of the scooter is made of the newest aerospace aluminum, which are both strong and durable. Compared to the other series of intelligent scooters, Q1 is smaller but it could bear the weight up to 120 KG. It is small but agile. 

Technological breakthrough is the impetus for the creation of high-tech product. A built-in gyroscope and accelerometer detects the change of attitude of the scooter body. Then an intelligent chip gives order by making precise calculation to drive the motor to keep balance. Riders are required to control the scooter by making adjustment of their center of gravity. The electric self-balancing scooter employs the dynamic self-balancing theory, aerospace attitude control theory, and fuzzy software algorithm to realize self-balance.

Above all, Q1 is powered by pure electricity and is a genuine eco-friendly product. The imported SONY lithium battery could be recharged for 1800 times. Q1 could reach the speed of 18 KM/h. When others are stuck in the traffic jam, Q1 riders could shuttle through the crowded streets. It is a good companion for daily commuters. 

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