Airwheel Twin Wheeled Electric Scooter Q5 Travels in the Places of Interest Casually

Many travelers have the similar experiences. They become easily worn out after walking in the places of interests. It costs too much energy for travelers to go sightseeing on foot for a whole day, some places of interests need two or three days to travel around. Airwheel Q5 can take the traveler to any destinations without walking

Many places of interests are natural scenery accounting for large areas, though they are beautiful and worthy going sightseeing thoroughly. It is hard for travelers to visit each corner on foot,  Those who are of limited time to travel in particular. Is there a kind of transport that can take the traveler to everywhere without making pollution or any damage to the nature scenery? The answer is ‘Yes’. Airwheel Q5, the electric unicycle can take the traveler to where he wants to visit without any pollution or emission.

It is equipped with imported Sony lithium battery which is powerful and of longer cruising power than the common one. Do not worry about the lack of power when on the way to go sightseeing. To meet the demand of quick charging, the self-balancing electric unicycle also takes shorter time to charge. It only takes 80 minutes to charge 80% electric quantity and 120 minutes to complete the charging. Travelers will not spend a whole day waiting for the fully charged Airwheel Q5. 

The pedal of Airwheel Q5 is also designed as the shape of roundness in case of crash in ankles. Riders will not get hurt by scratching the edge of the pedal too. The round pedal with larger contact area can assist riders to stand steadily and easily.

Airwheel Q5 is also a colorful electric unicycle with two colors,light green and light blue. The silicon fender can be changed to show the individuals’ personality. This attracts many young customers since they love to be unique and cool. The colorful Airwheel Q5 can be the decoration on the way of going sightseeing which will delight the travelers. 

Airwheel Q5 is suitable for travel in the places of interests with large areas to walk around. Owning a portable Airwheel Q5 is convenient to ride to relax the legs of riders. 

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